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Manufactured Homes and Homestead Exemption

The property appraiser is required by law to determine how your mobile home (also known as a manufactured home) will be classified for property tax purposes. That classification is based upon whether or not it is located on land owned by the mobile home owner or on land owned by another (such as a mobile home park).

A mobile home permanently affixed to land owned by the home's owner must have a one-time "RP" (Real Property) series decal affixed to the home. In cases where the land is not owned by the home owner, an annual "MH" (Mobile Home) series decal is required. In the event that no decal is affixed, it is presumed that the mobile home is tangible personal property and will be assessed as such.

How do I get a "RP" series decal?

Visit the Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser’s office. Bring with you both the deed to the land and the title to the mobile home. The staff will complete a DR402 form which declares the mobile home to be real property.

This form should be taken to the tax collector's tag office. With it, you may purchase a "RP" decal which is valid for as long as you own both the mobile home and the land.

Where and how can I purchase a "MH" decal?

This decal must be purchased each year during the month of December from the tax collector's office. The prior year's "MH" decal is valid until December 31st. The Tax Collector’s office sends out renewal notices in advance of the December deadline. A "MH" decal may be renewed in person or by mail.

As a mobile home owner, am I eligible for a homestead exemption?

Mobile home owners are eligible for the homestead exemption if they meet the following three criteria: First, applicants must own both the land and mobile home. Second, the mobile home must have a "RP" decal affixed to the mobile home. Third, the mobile home must be the primary residence of the applicants. The exemption must be applied for before March 1.